Stuff His Mouth - When Your Baby Puts Everything in His Mouth

Babies putting things in their mouths, otherwise known as mouthing, is not only normal, but also signals a growing interest in the world around them. In...

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Stuff His Mouth

As children approach the age of 24 months, they discover the amazing size of their mouth cavity. An endless amount of food fits in the space, and their new ability to keep the lips tightly closed against pressure from the inside seems like a miracle. This leads parents to remind them to finish what is in the mouth before taking another bite. Once the sense of sensorimotor discovery and adventure has worn off, children return to more reasonable sized mouthfuls.

Mouth stuffing can also be an important sign of sensory or motor difficulties in oral-motor control. When the mouth is fully stuffed with food, children obtain more sensory information about the boundaries of their mouths and the presence of food in the mouth.

This often happens when oral sensation is reduced.

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As children approach the age of 24 months, they discover the amazing size of their mouth cavity. If it does, your child can choke on it, and the item is not safe. Often poor chewing coordination is caused by cheeks that are inactive. So when a baby grasps what he desires and wants to investigate further "Is it soft or hard?

When children resolve their difficulties with oral sensation and perception and improve tongue, lip, and cheek movements in chewing, the mouth stuffing stops. Salsa, lemon juice, pickles, and barbecue sauce are often favorites.

Foods such as pickles, raw carrots, and spicy dips can be included in the meal.

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There may be less mouth stuffing with these high-awareness foods. Use a small table mirror, and have the child visually check the mouth at intervals before taking another bite, and at the end of the meal. Brush the sides of the tongue when you brush the teeth. The more they explore, the more they learn. Unpredictable movement of the food can be very uncomfortable. Centennial singles

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Unpredictable movement of the food can be very uncomfortable. Many children with oral tactile defensiveness also stuff the mouth because it reduces the. stuff your face definition: to eat a lot....