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Hard Fucking Two Nasty Latinos
Lilu Lalalu: I think muslims aren't allowed to having sex before marriage 'i know that because i'm muslim

Clin'e A: Please make one about Italian men?

Hannah L: All the Borat comments.

Beyhive Yonce: not a boyish looking

Fail_lip: The cheese part was hilarious. I have met people from France and they always hate our cheese selections in American grocery stores. It makes me want to visit their country just to see what we are missing.

Hola 6t: Most people don't even sound like that in Britain

Aistt Bam: Well i'm from greece and i think some of them are just sterotypes

Simon Templer: People are all like this is super fake but you know what I'm writing Hetalia fanfiction so what do I care

Gr8 Incarnate: OMG, the table sitting thing is Russian/Slavic too! What the heck?

Mirko Djuric: If you want a future, you pay if your a man. they got credit cards so.

Maitasunez: Not much content in this one. the Mexican one had a bunch of content as the German one was probably the best one I've seen comma explaining things. this one did not show very much sex appeal for a Canadian lady. ehhhh

Jo. Oho: Do you have your own house?

Soffe _: Do one on a Scottish man!

QuarZzz: Boa Felipe! Adorei!


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