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Eusebio081: The most is russia

Bilal Shaekh: Do not be deceived.


Videos C: Why is this in my recommended

JoaoDSouza: Greek girls a bunch of hookers

Robin Marks: Keep in mind that Muslim women are not allowed to marry nonMuslims. But Muslim men are free to marry nonMuslim women.

SAILORMAXX1: When dating is just a game

Jessica Dlg: What a bull. first off all, this dude is gey and we Dutch don't like bigass woman

Oden Son: Mby Serbia in next video?

Southeart: This true for most Caribbean men! No idea how you all got so much information tho

Michael Cruz: Haha, the American.

Latifa Talbi: You know you're dating a French woman when?

Umadbro: I love your immigration policy Um we don't have one we just lock them up in concentration camps forever, I hate what our governments have done to people fleeing war zones. It's an inhumane short-sighted policy that disgusts me.

Abie Calixte: I learned that staff that russian girl said in school, thats about the christmas tree, how adorable :DD

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Matrixshoter: Como se llama la musica me gusto, ya la habia escuchado pero nose como se llama

S Goyal: Saudi Arabia , are you terrorist! yeaaah, i mean nooo

Alca Bringer: So , I have this theory.

Hidden Sky: You better be circumcised by the time she will know that if you are circumcised or not. Jewish women will straight up deny you if they think you are not a Jew. Don't eat bacon or pork around Jewish women

Six2make4: Guys i Think she is Malaysian-Singaporian Chinese .there are so many so with Malaysian passport and some with Chinese passport but they are between the two culture. the British brought them to work in the coal fields in Malaysia There start the conflict.somthing similar to the African American :)

Awsomeguy001: British guy is SO charming

XavasBrGaming: Guess me and my family are pretty much an exception, as most of this doesn't apply. But yes, do love Bollywood romances and musicals nevertheless :)

TELLURIAN: The guy in the vid is so hot, I would happily iron his shirts ^^

What are you meant to do when someone dies?

Black Teens Ass Fucked

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