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L ike a fat girl super-sizing her meal, this article was inevitable. As the saying goes, when life hands you a...

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Eric Miller: Statement true as of 03 Dec 2016

Sofia Rago: Why being affective is so strange for USA people? seriously

Nick Hajec: Dating an Albanian

Benchmstr: I have to go to Russia

Violet L.: the girl with the too big boobs

PenileCavity: He is so cute !

AmaryBrit: The only thing I like in this video is the music

Yarib Class: Rasit because only showed one person reaction to black gyy


Sha Annie: More like when her mom is in a wheelchair and rolling around with a AK47!

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O'Sheas and the Palms come forward 2-for-1 drinks at limited bars, and Royal Country estate offers a 2-for-1 buffet.

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  1. Throughout the ages sex was a major trump card for women, a power play of sorts.

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Cute Dick Topeka dating!

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Term used for people with small dicks.A term used for a guy with a small dick. Girls sometimes don't even know. Its the one thing a dude does NOT wanna hear. Watch Nice Cute...