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I realize that relationships and the opposite sex can really drive a good guy insane, but what if it drives you to the point of no...

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Paula G: Why is this in my recommended I don't even watch Buzzfeed anymore

Michel Franco: What about a South African accent though?

Wilpaq16: Russian chick looks like Amy Adams.

Arthur Zoch: In Barbados dating isn't really popular but it's a personal thing I guess

Khwezi C: Ukrainian guy looks like totti

Lainie Medina: I genuinely love the irish accent

September2091: You should do a Colombian one!

Amogh Gajare: Australian women are so much beautiful in the mind and soul. Please feel free to stay where you are.

Asjah M: That wasn't polish

Rob749s: That last part with handiest manly man is so true. I really appreciate men who actually repair stuff in the house. Marina, one thing you forgot about Romanian women which is very similar to Russian women, and that is regarding cooking. Usually, when you come to a Romanian home as a guest you are overwhelmed by food variety and meal courses.I don't why as a nation we tend to buy and cook too much food.

Alin Campan: So funny ! I love it guys :D Big up from Montpellier ;)

Jojosmooth: Make a video about Lebanese women

Guy Giving It Up Sydney K Cole: Plz do dating a German Guy! : Pretty Please

Clare5 One: Ok i fucking watched it youtube are you happy now ?


Lucid XEnt: London accent is such a turn on.

Aakash Saani: Can hear what they are saying. She doesn't sound Irish

Anne A.S.: The aussie sounded like she was putting on an english accent

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Inside the Mind of a Man: In the end, his efforts paid off and the principal comments that it should have been no problem for someone who went to school. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


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  2. I'd really appreciate a debate with you and Jordan Peterson. You approach things so differently, I think it would be very interesting to see.

  3. if the kid actually wants to do drag, it's probably not gonna help anything to make it something forbidden and wrong

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