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Yuki Sakura: Do a Spanish version please!

Yasmeen K: It's all true so run away white boys run away!

Fifa Lord: I like the hipster nerd and the girl next door. They just look so relaxed and down to earth!

Gian Lemos: Because I'm Russian:)

Eny Almeida: Wow, no Germans eh? im offended

SWIFTzTrigger: Me and my girlfriend take turns paying any food bills because not one of us leech of each other for freebies.

Proud Army: For the eye contact situation I think having a camera really changes the game.

Eugene Peltek: Oh yeah russian guys always pay. i'm russian and i've lived in america for a while and i never offered to pay at first, which i guess didn't make me look very good. but now i'm used to both cultures so i always offer to pay in america but never in russia hah

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BeOne Views: I love Romanian women.hottest in the World. I was married to one for awhile.

Just One Time: Girls once again prove their stupidity lol, they judge the guys on these pics by the details around the guy and his clothes but not the guy himself, they fail to see handsome face and charm etc, they see tatoo, dirt and the guy is hot, the hottest guy who would probably get most chosen in real life is the one noone liked

RaztaPapoulos: Hahahahha the sun part is totally me!

Rage116: And they have sex issues

Kakto Tak: This is bullshit ! Spot with this music ! Nobody plays that instrument in France

Carol Silva: This places on the video is like going to new York or California. the more money u show the easier social experiments turn.


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Insane orgy with numerous Japanese college girls and horny Asian men Javascript is turned off in your browser. It turned on other girls a lot. Funny German Orgy Vintage. Some features of this page will not work correctly. The field is required. Davie dating

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