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It worked for a while. However, our sex life took a hit and I stopped being pushy about foreplay during ovulation time.

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Then, he got one of those fetish hoods. No correspondence takes place. Your husband keeps himself in a closet mastubating and trying to get an erection.

After all, what you are describing is not simply a problem of his alone. Click to Call Who Answers? Therapy is a good way to sort these feelings out. Sexual relations are a shared and mutual way for couples to show their love and reinforce their commitment to one another.

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That is part of the reason I point out that he has sexual problems. No correspondence takes place. However, separation and divorce offer the chance for you to find a more suitable partner without making you feel guilty because you think you are cheating.

If he insists on not seeing a therapist, it might be a good idea for you to see someone for yourself. Knowing that you are going together for the both of you just might relieve some of his resistance to going.

Yet, he seems to ignore the part of sex that has to do with his relationship with you. I love him, so much…but I feel unwanted and undesired. Mesquite hookup

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You mention feeling tempted to have an affair. He masturbates and will be in there for hours. That is part of relating. If he insists on not seeing a therapist, it might be a good idea for you to see someone for yourself. Wait, did you know that However, separation and divorce offer the chance for you to find a more suitable partner without making you feel guilty because you think you are cheating.

What are your thoughts on pre-nups?

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