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Alexteacher74: The arabic part is super beautiful

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Jarrold Bates: It seems like they are judging based on how the picture was taken. Any one of the more conservatively dressed people could have been stripped down and that would change their opinions. Maybe next time have all the models be dressed, or not dressed?

Blahh Blah: Couldn't understand a word from the guys

Maryline VANY: Was it filmed in nz?

DUKE NUKEM: Ya stupid American

Curtis006: Although for the Mexican culture the guy is supposed to pay, I'm Mexican and I would definitely split the bill no exceptions.


Alexandra U-F: Got the. All but Greek

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Carmen Cano: He speaks italian but I hope he's not italian because he just ruined my image of the wildly attractive italian men haha

Cyrus Jimenez: That was a terrible polish accent, it's not even close to native.

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  1. It's pretty sad to hear him say deep down he views women as sex objects. :/

  2. my parents made me wear a dress as a kid. _ only because I stole some girls bag of candy, fucks wrong with society?

  3. 2:42 You also shouldn't say things as facts without statistics at all.citations are a thing, you just used them (however inaccurate they were).

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